Grammarly Review 2019: Is Grammarly Good & Safe to Use?

is grammarly good

I’m writing this Grammarly Review to answer the most conscious question; Is Grammarly good and is Grammarly safe to use? Other aspects will be reviewed in another complete Grammarly Review 2019!

Are you a regular Grammarly user?

Is Grammarly a must-have tool for you while writing?

And yet, are you conscious about Grammarly related security issues?

Are you not sure if Grammarly good enough for you?

Do you feel questioning whether Grammarly is safe to use or not?

Well, I have been using Grammarly for last eight months and let me explain you about how good and safe Grammarly is!


If you are already at a stage where you are worrying if Grammarly is good for you or not! Its pretty sure, you know what Grammarly is and what’s the purpose of it! Well, if not, for starters, Grammarly is an all-in-one English Grammar Checker tool, detects all the contextual errors throughout your writing!

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If English is not your native language or if you don’t write that often, Grammarly is the almost perfect tool to guide you.

Is grammarly good is grammarly good


Also if you keep switching between US English and British English, and have difficulties in differentiating the spelling and writing styles between them, Grammarly is the best for you.

If you are a student, you can check a batch of work with either of free or premium services of Grammarly.

And, Grammarly Premium Service; Plagiarism Checker is the right tool for the bloggers and copywriters, for writing academic documents or reviewing the peer’s work!


Since I have explained whether the Grammarly is good for you or not, you must be wondering:

Is Grammarly good enough to replace human proofreader?

The answer is simple, No!

A professional human proofreader can be more effective than Grammarly. And the proof is:

Even the Grammarly app itself provides a service for human proofreading in its Premium Plan. The user can directly forward the documents from Grammarly to their professional human proofreader.


Since Grammarly analyses each and every word you type, being worried about safety while using is not a surprising thing.

To understand more whether the Grammarly is safe or not, reading its Privacy Policy might answer for you.

Grammarly Privacy Policy states:

  • The site and the software collect the users’ Unique Device Identifier, geographic location from where you are operating your smartphone or PC, the language you are interacting with.
  • Grammarly site and the software collect and receive the type hardware and the software you are using, the information obtained from the cookies.
  • Also, if you logged into the Grammarly from your Facebook or Google+ account, they will collect your basic information from respective social media.
  • More importantly, any content you write on Grammarly, you give Grammarly full permission and access to use it for improvement of algorithms underlying the software and the services.
  • Grammarly keeps track and records all of your keystrokes and then analyses the content to detect and suggest the errors. The user themselves are solely responsible for the security and proper use of all user IDs, passwords or other security devices used in connection with the Site and/or the Services.
  • Grammarly doesn’t guarantee 100% safety of the information transferred to them by the user. The users should acknowledge at their own risk.

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After reading and understanding the Grammarly Privacy Policy, it’s clear that the Grammarly site and the software is terrible privacy-wise. Grammarly records everything across you do on its site and the software. So, if the Privacy of your content and information is considered, I would not recommend. However, honestly, the privacy of the user and content is impossible on the web. Even the big giants like Google, Facebook, and all other social media has hold of your information. In that context, Grammarly holding, collecting and storing your information is not a new thing.

Though the Grammarly can’t 100% guarantee of users’ content, there is no complaint regarding the leak of the users’ content across the web. Considering this fact, it is okay to say Grammarly is quite safe to use!

However, while you are typing the confidential information or passwords, I would recommend you to disable the Grammarly plugin. Then again refresh the browser tab and re-enable the plugin.

  • Right click on the plugin

Grammarly review, is grammarly good

  • Disable it from the extensions.

Grammarly Review 2019: Verdict

The Grammarly site and the software are good for almost all of the types of users. And yet, it is not good enough to replace the human proofreader.

And though the site and the software privacy policy ambiguous, it can be trusted for the users content usage. In simple, yes, the Grammarly is safe to use. is Grammarly good is Grammarly good is Grammarly good is Grammarly good is Grammarly good Grammarly review Grammarly review Grammarly review Grammarly review  is grammary safe is grammary safe is grammary safe is grammary safe is grammary safe 


Grammarly Review 2019


Is Grammarly good?


Is Grammarly safe to use?


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