iPhone X Clone- 300$ Leagoo S9 runs Android wearing Notch at the top

Leagoo S9. iphone X Clone

If you remember the days when there would be NOKIA clones surfacing with the brand names like NOKTA, NOKLA, and whatnots that rhymed like NOKIA. Well, let us remind you, cloning the latest tech and design never ends. And now, the most fashionable, trendiest, premium, the most googled smartphone of the year 2017; iPhone X gets cloned. The iPhone X clone – Leagoo S9 surfaces online teasing the notch-ious display.

Leagoo, likewise other Chinese smartphone brands, is no stranger to the game of cloning and imitating the premium designed phones. Leagoo has already imitated high-end phone Galaxy S8’s outlook with their Leagoo KIICAA S8.

The latest iPhone X clone, Leagoo S9 takes cloning game to a level higher. Not by the means of the adding features, but copying the premium outlook design of iPhone X and the famous model name of upcoming Galaxy S9.


Leagoo S9, an iPhone X Clone:

Design wise, this iPhone X clone copies ditto from those no-home-button type reduced bezels to the infamous notch at the top of the display. Even the dual cameras on the back are vertically aligned just like of those iPhone X. Upon closer inspection, however, there are some noticeable differences. The Leagoo S9’s bezels, for one, are distinctly thicker than those of iPhone X’s. And the clone opts in for the Fingerprint scanner spot and the “Leagoo” logo on the back, of course.

Leagoo S9, iPhone X Clone back
Leagoo S9, iPhone X Clone backside

Leagoo S9, an iPhone X Clone:

Specs wise, the S9 still tries to be a bang-for-the-buck. A MediaTek P40 processor powers S9. On board, there is 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This iPhone X clone sports 5.85-inch AMOLED display and rocks dual 16 MP camera sensors on the back. And the clone flaunts glass and aluminum body design. The device runs on Android, of course!

There is no official word on when this iPhone X clone from Leagoo is going official. However, with the price of under 300$ and iPhone X notch-ious looks, this device is sure going to make some noise. And hope for the best that clone doesn’t become another “An ass in Lion’s skin” thing!



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