Next Galaxy Phones Could Remind You Passwords by Palm Scanning


With all those biometrics securities; Fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner and Face Recognition, on your Galaxy phones, do you still feel unsure and insecure? Well, if yes, Samsung has got you covered. Because Samsung just bagged another crazy “Palm Scanning Patent” that does palm scanning to read your palm and remind you the password lest you forget.

Palm Scanning to remind you the password other than fortune telling

A recent patent filed by Samsung with Korean Patent Authority suggests Samsung could be working on something like palm scanning. The users need to take the picture with the rear cam of their palm and then the phone stores it. And, in case if you forget your password, you snap the picture of your palm, the software analyses and verifies the picture. And then, it would give a random pattern only the original user can understand giving a hint of what the password is.

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As mentioned by SamMobile, this feature would not be a replacement for any other biometrics. Samsung is surely focusing on improving their Facial recognition to give iPhone X’s FaceID a competition. However, this palm scanning feature is mere a password reminder. No more, no less.

The patent application presented here with the meaningless name  ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE  was published on Nov 30 by the WIPO – Wolrd Intellectual Property Organization. However, the original South Korean patent dates back to May 2016. So, Samsung could have used this trick for a long time if the need was big.

Samsung palm scanning patent

Also, there is no rhyme or reason to believe that upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 will equip it. But the idea is fun. And, it would be interesting to see how this concept comes into a function, facilitating other applications.


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