Samsung’s New Patent Suggests Fully Curved Display Phone


If you’ve been following the tech, and unless you are living under “Dwayne Johnson”, you know what Samsung really does. Samsung has been the truest innovator in the smartphone technology. It’s the Samsung that made the curved display the trend. And, now with the latest Samsung’s new patent, seems like there is another revolutionary product in tow.

Samsung's new patent It all started with the Samsung Galaxy Round in ’13, followed by Galaxy Note Edge and then, the mighty Galaxy S6 Edge in ’15. Now, following the patents filed on WIPO (World International Property Office) database, discovered by LetsGoDigital, shows a full curved display on both sides. Unlike other curved display, this isn’t a simply curved display. It’s the type in which whole front display can be curved to the rear display in 180 degrees. In the patent, Samsung says the device will offer “completely new user experience” and “improved grip.”


We have already seen the Galaxy X leaks suggesting that foldable smartphone could be in production. Now we have to wait what is Samsung really planning to do with this unique concept.

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