A third camera? May sound strange but that is what LG offers its customers with its latest flagship, LG G5. With a 5.3inch screen, G5 is built on a metal body giving a unique feel to the users which I bet most users will find impressive. LG surely has a top secret technique behind the manufacture of metal on which G5 proudly boasts on and due to a process called microdizing, LG G5 doesn’t need the antenna slits on the back like all the other phones built on metal body.

LG has really surprised us all this time with their flagship G5. Although LG’s flagships are known for the combination of excellent specs, no other smartphone companies has delivered a flagship with a removable battery and a microSD slot. Although LG G5 is packed with only a 2800mAh battery, its modular design enables it to host a module announced by LG called LG Cam Plus which adds to the battery making it 4000mAh in total.

Thoughts on LG G5   LG G5 has also been the first phone from a leading manufacturer with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor clocking under the hood. That should make the phone lightning fast especially with a 4GB RAM backing it up. Running on Android Marshmallow, G5 has got a lot of tweaks on the OS.

For a flagship phone, you need a HQ sound. Thus LG partnered with B&O Play in order to create “an enhanced high-quality audio experience” on G5. The direct-to-analog audio converter module plugs into the bottom modular slot and allows for 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upsampling technology for crystal clear tunes.

Most of us would expect a 5.5inch screen from a flagship phone but LG offers us a rather smaller 5.3inch screen with a quad HD display. LG G5 measures 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm and unlike its predecessors, isn’t curved. The smaller screen allows reaching all the corners easily so the phone feels handy and you won’t have to stretch your grip too much. The display of LG G5 reminds us of the Moto Display on the Moto X Style. With an always on dim display showing the time, date and four notification icons, you won’t ever have to turn the display on to view the date and time. KnockOn is also present on G5 to wake the device on double tap. LG also claims that only 0.8% of the battery will be consumed by the always on screen which is quite impressive. Due to the always on display G5 has a IPS LCD instead of AMOLED which eliminates the chance of burn-in.

                The volume rockers have been moved from rear to the left side of G5 and the power button is on the center with a fingerprint sensor built onto it.

G5 boasts 3 cameras on it. 2 rear and 1 front facing camera. The camera has laser auto-focus like in G4 and has a very fast focusing. The front facing camera is a 8MP shooter as expected on a flagship device but the rear shooter is 16MP which is little less than flagships of other brands arriving this year featuring a 21MP shooter. Nevertheless, G5 gives its users another 8MP rear shooter with a wide 135- degree field of view which is far more than 70-75degree field of view that most of the phones offer and still more that the field of view of the normal human eye.

Thoughts on LG G5    Although LG G5 doesn’t have a wireless charging as we would expect on the latest flagships, it has USB C-port v3.0 which supports fast charging and faster data transfer.

LG has also announced 3 “friends” for G5. The first is a 360 camera called 360 Cam. Second is a VR headset called 360 VR and there is a small robot called Rolling Bot. These “friends” connect with the G5 with LG Friends Manager App

Personally, I think G5 is a great phone. LG has paid attention to the smallest of the details in order to deliver a powerful smartphone with beautiful looks of a level that many other smartphone companies have failed. LG G5 will be available starting from April and will be first released on South Korea. It will be available on four colors: Silver, Titan(Dark Grey), Gold and Pink. So for the ones looking to upgrade your smartphones, get ready! The first modular phone is coming in the market.  Although the cost is not revealed till now, it will be high since it is LG’s flagship for 2k16 after all. The question that now remains is that how the users will find the modules of G5. Google’s Project ARA has created the hype for modular phones but since LG released the first modular phone, I am pretty much convinced that modules for G5 will be successful on the market.

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