😆 Mpow Magneto: Affordable, Magnetic Features (Details-Scroll Down), Flat Cable Design, Battery Life

😥 Magnetic feature gets confused; during Music + Phone Call Receive, while disconnecting the phone call by attaching the earpieces, the phone call gets disconnected but it also supposed to pause the music but the music keeps on playing and again separating and attaching the earpieces pauses the music, some PC Windows 10 builds can’t detect the Magneto

Verdict/ with the unique Magnetic features the Mpow Magneto is the best wireless in-earphones in the market for the given 34.99$ price

No wonder the sound physics had made some really real advancements and After experiencing the Mpow Magneto for the last week, I come to a conclusion and for that scroll down-keep reading

Mpow Magneto: UnBoxin’

mpow magneto unboxin (4)The outer of the box has the general info and unboxing it there are;

-Mpow Magneto

-Micro USB cable

-Three Pairs of Ear Stabilizers

-Three Pairs of Ear Tips

-Instructions Booklet

Mpow Magneto: Design

mpow magneto pic gallery(4)The one I received is Black in color and which looks pretty bold and nice. The anti-tangle flat cable design and smooth texture is something that good to feel in touch. The right earpiece has micro USB port and the earphones controller (in the right cable) has LED notification light, three buttons; plus, minus and the center button and the microphone at the back.

looking at the 19gms earphones, earpieces seem a bit big in size, but the grayish silvery back of the earpiece first catches the eyes. The right selection among several available ear tips and the ear stabilizers prevents the earpieces from falling out of the ear and keeps the surrounding noises unreachable.

Mpow Magneto: Sound

mpow magneto unboxin (3)The best part is the Magneto comes with great quality of sound for the affordable price. The sound is so crystal clear and loud without any distortion or static even at the max volume above the 100%. I am music-maniac and listening to loud bass is what I regularly do and truly, Magneto never disappointed. Also even at the minimal volume the sound still sounded clear.

Not mentioning the call quality was undoubtedly good unless the phone paired is within range without obstacles in between.

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Mpow Magneto: Connectivity and Some Unique Features

mpow magneto pic gallery(1)Keeping the name, Mpow Magneto, it has got some real moves in earphones arena and sporting “Magnetic” features.

The features are so unique that it makes you feel Super-Cool dude in the crowd, you can Pause/Play the music, connect/disconnect the calls and redial the last calls using “Magnetic” feature.

At first you need to Power on the earphones by pressing the center button for about two secs, you’ll hear prompting POWER ON in so-so-robotic-lady’s voice with white LED indicator blinking, pair with the device (and if you want to know how to connect multiple devices, scroll down) and then you hear the Connected voice. And attaching the earpieces Pauses the music or disconnects the call and separating the earpieces (if they’re already attached) will Resume the Music or Receives Call depending whether you are listening to music or about to receive the call.

A thing what I noticed is listening to music and at the same time if the call comes, call is supposed to accepted with center button and after the talk, to end the call pressing the same center button do the thing but attaching the earpieces will also work, however the music resumes (which is contrasting because the attaching earpieces is supposed to Pause the music) so for Pausing the music, I needed to separate and attach ‘em again.

For connecting to the multiple devices at same time, all you need to do is power off the first connected device and Magneto and again power on the Magneto and 2nd device’s Bluetooth then pair ‘em both and yes both devices will be connected at same time.

Double pressing the center button does redial, long pressing the volume rocker buttons can skip to Next/Previous Tracks and pressing the center button for 7 secs Power offs the earphones followed by Power Off voice.

Mpow Magneto: Battery Life

More than just the amazing the Magneto lasted for nearly 7 hours at 100% volume and around 4 hours at max 200% volume (which I regularly love to hear loud) while listening to the music and as stated company claims Magneto lasts for more than 8 hours of talk time and the good thing is for me it took 95 mins for full charge from 0% to 100%. Mpow reports it can make 300 hrs. on standby.





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