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Xiaomi R1 Phone Specs; Budget phone with 18:9 Display

Xiaomi, one of the top vendors of 2017, is all set to release their upcoming smartphone Xiaomi R1. According to the reports, the device,...
nokia 3310 vs nokia 3310 new

Difference that 17 years makes: Nokia 3310 Vs. Nokia 3310 new (2017)

After a month of hypes and rumors, Nokia 3310 is finally back in new-look-but-old-feeling type. The whole internet can’t help themselves to enchant the...
Oxygen OS 5.0 Brings FaceID-like Feature to OnePlus 3 & 3T

Oxygen OS 5.0 Brings FaceID-like Feature to OnePlus 3 & 3T

If there's something trending in this now-smartphone world, that's 18:9 display, FaceID, and iPhoneX. And taking that trend into consideration OnePlus brings the FaceID-like...

Samsung’s New Patent Suggests Fully Curved Display Phone

If you've been following the tech, and unless you are living under "Dwayne Johnson", you know what Samsung really does. Samsung has been the...
Galaxy S9 mini leaks

Galaxy S9 Mini Confirmed, Photo & Specs Leaked Online

It is true that phones are getting bigger and bigger, but that might not always be the case. The latest leaks on the Chinese...

Huawei Nova 2S Specs Leaked — Quad-Camera,18:9 Display and 6GB RAM

Just shortly after the announcement of Honor V10, Huawei Nova 2S images surface on the internet. It's not like some renders, the images are...
Leagoo S9. iphone X Clone

iPhone X Clone- 300$ Leagoo S9 runs Android wearing Notch at the top

If you remember the days when there would be NOKIA clones surfacing with the brand names like NOKTA, NOKLA, and whatnots that rhymed like...
Google Android 2.3 dead officially

Goodbye! Android 2.3 is officially abandoned by Google

Ahh ! Time flies,right! And it has been around 6 years plus since the Android gained the fame with the release of Android 2.3...
List of Phones getting Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Check if your Phones’ getting the next Android 8.0 Oreo update!

"When is the Android update coming to my phone?", this is the first question any heavy smartphone-ing doers ask their carriers, phone companies, and the...