Are you the large-number-of-email-need type of guy? And you are suffering because you don’t know where to get unlimited email address without spending a dime?!

Unlimited email addressTalking about free email service providers, there are already giant providers like Gmail from Google. Ymail from Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook from Microsoft, so on but what thing is common in them other than they are providing the service for free? – they all need two-step phone verification (which is good for the security) and only 1-2 or 3-4 email can be created per phone numbers depending on the service providers but what if we need an unlimited email address without using the phone numbers and spending a dime?!

So, comes handy solution and as the perfect stop for what we have to been searching for!

Let’s take it, Yandex is a Russian So-So-Version of the Google that also has a Search engine, email service, app developing and all, but what we here focus is the free email service from the Yandex.

Registering and creating the email account in Yandex is easy like hot-knife-cutting-through-the-butter, you can choose the username and only you need to care about is select “I don’t have a mobile number” and click to “Choose the security question” and tada you have created an email and now you can create unlimited email address without the phone number and with same IP and the MAC address.

Unlimited email address

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Yandex has its own very android and iOS app, so you can have access to the creating and using the email anywhere you go but the thing is while registering and creating the email via app, it automatically takes username [at] yandex [dot] ru format so if you want it to avoid this and want username [at] yandex [dot] com format, you should keep in the mind registering the email via browsers!

The app has simple intuitive UI, supports multiple accounts login (myself I have tried and connected 300+ accounts and the app didn’t lag or stuck).

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