Though the massive advancements in the wearable tech, still what people to love to see is the traditionally designed watches with latest smart tech featured and Lembird does some good with its Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch.

😆  traditional design, affordable price, elegant stainless steel and leather straps, weighs light, water-resistant

😥 fewer features, less accurate, less battery capacity, no screen display features

Verdict/ nice looking smartwatch with traditional face for the given price

Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch: UnBoxin’

Lembird Free S1 unboxin (1)

The box has watch picture and some of the specs displayed and unboxing, there are two compartments; upper and lower, the upper has the watch and the lower compartment has charging dock, USB cable, charging adapter, stainless silvery steel strap and the strap changing pin and product manual.

Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch: Design and Display

Lembird Free S1 design and display (2)

Said it, under-hood, Lembird is fitness-tracking-feature packed watch with traditional looks. Honestly, the design is one of the best I have ever seen for the price.

Lembird Free 1 is available in two; black and white in colors and the watch has round face and back of it, there are two charging dots. The leather (Italian Calf-Skin) and stainless steel with traditional metal buckle are nice to wear.

There are LEDs marked in each number, on charging the LEDs light up Blue indicating percentage of the charge completed. First four LEDs light (LEDs marked on 1,2,3 and 4) for 0-25% charge, 2nd four LEDs for 25-50%, third four for 50-75% and last four for 75-100%.

There is no touch display or screen, the watch displays just time and has metal hour and minutes hands which are visible in the dark too (as double tapping can light the led that are marked in each number).

Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch: features

Lembird Free S1 pic gallery (2)Though the watch named as smartwatch it doesn’t have android running on it, it’s simply like fitness tracking band but with watch face. And the features the watch sports are

-Sports Monitoring

-Foods Monitoring

-Sleep monitoring

-Call Reminder

-IP65 Water Resistant

-Daily Vibrating Alarm

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Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch: activity and sleep tracking

lembird app (1)

Since watch doesn’t have GPS installed, the steps counting accuracy is disappointing and so as the calorie burn tracking.

Though the watch is too big to wear while sleeping, the sleep monitored data are quite accurate and precise.  As watch displays nothing other than time, all the data can be viewed in an app, the detailed slept hours like deep sleep hours, light sleep and wake hours.



Lembird Free S1 Smartwatch: App, Connectivity, and Battery Life

Lembird Free S1 app (2)

Free 1 has Bluetooth 4.0 connection which means less power consumption and better working within the range of the 10 meters. The HiFit is compatible with Android 4.4.2 or later and iOS 7 or later. The app is simple, first, you have to sign up using your email or phone number and fill up details like Gender, Height, Weight to get started. The worst thing I noticed is the lack of auto sync, I had to manually sync time to time and it needed working internet connection for the sync.

The watch has 85mAh battery and lasts nearly for the 3-4 days. It took nearly 1 hour of charge for 0% to 100%.

Buy Lembird Free 1 from Antelife for 79.79$



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